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Tuition Schedule for Cheney Cello Studios

Fall 2023/Spring 2024

Welcome back after a wonderfully enjoyable and productive summer! We are so happy that so many of you continued your cello lessons, or participated in music camps, and made significant progress this summer. We have the new tuition amounts for this coming semester. The tuition covers all private and group lessons, recitals and concerts offered through our studios, and this year we are adding a studio fee of $35.00 payment. This will be added to the semester tuition totals.

Tuition Rates for Fall 2023/Spring 2024:
Hourly rate is $88.00 per hour; 66$ per 45 min. and $44 per 30 min. Our teaching year is a 37 week period of instruction from late August through the first week of June. The number of weeks is multiplied by the hourly rate, and we are
offering monthly payment installments to help make it easier to pay. Please let us know if you have any personal difficulties with the tuition payment – we will do our best to help you out.

This year we will offer additional lessons in June - you may sign up for these during the month of May. This payment for June lessons will be separate from the monthly installment payments. Tuition will be the same per-lesson cost as the rest of the year.

For those families with true economic difficulties we can offer some sort of scholarship help on a limited basis. Please do not ask unless you are truly unable to pay the full amount of tuition.

You may pay for the entire year - those amounts appear first on the far right. Or you are welcome to pay monthly installments.
9 Monthly payment installments are due at the First of Each Month:
September, October, November, December, January, February, March, April and May and ending with May:

60 minute lessons X 37 weeks (@$88 per lesson + $35 for SAU membership)= $3291
divided into 9 equal monthly installments = $366

45 minute lessons X 37 weeks (@$66 per lesson+ $35 for SAU membership) = $2477
divided into 9 equal monthly installments = $275

30 minute lessons X 37 weeks (@$44 per lesson+ $35 for SAU membership) =$1663
divided into 9 equal monthly installments = $185

Tuition is non-refundable. We do not offer makeup lessons – we ask that you plan ahead and trade lesson times with another person in the studio.

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